HIDE AND SEEK by Clare Sambrook

Harry’s little brother, Dan, goes missing and Harry blames himself. His family breaks apart, his friends form new alliances and even his trusty auntie Joan and fireman uncle Otis can’t rescue Harry from the fall out. As the days and months go by with no sign of Dan, everyone has their own way of coping. Harry turns detective and hunts down whoever might have Dan, his Mum fixates on the idea of having another baby, and his Dad tries to fight back and hold everything together. This is definitely not a book to read if you are feeling emotional and it’s written beautifully – never obvious, the heartbreak comes up on you from behind and literally punches you in the gut.  However, HIDE AND SEEK is just about saved from being  too painful to bear by the humour that comes from Harry’s nine and a half year old voice, be it wondering if police women wear navy blue bras with extra riot padding or repeating the colourful dialogue he overhears in the London square outside his window. And ultimately it’s hearing Harry’s voice again that allows the family to start the process of moving on from what has happened – and allows him to let go of the guilt he feels.  Joan says: ‘sometimes pain brings people together and sometimes it tears them apart’ but in fact HIDE AND SEEK demonstrates how both can be true and its this honesty and conflict that makes the book so memorable.


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